Established 1972
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Sometimes in 1971, a group of professionals mostly resident in Lagos always came to Abeokuta to have fun full of social activities with Dr. Olaseni Sikuade, a Medical Practitioner. They pulled themselves tigether and out in place a social club called Abeokuta Social Club. The dull social life of Abeokuta forced them to appreciate the need to have a club as a rallying point.

Some of the foundation members of Abeokuta Social Club include; The Late Chief Sobo Sowemimo, SAN, Chief (Dr.) Seni Sikuade, Late Chief (Dr.) Basit Onibuje, Late Chief Felix Okanlawon, Late Chief Funmi Jibowu, Chief Folorunso Oke, Chief Akanni Dokunmu, Late Chief Soleye Sowemimo, Arc. Tony Soetan, e.t.c. The meeting point in Abeokuta at that time was Dr. Seni Sikuade's residence at Club Road, G.R.A, Ibara. The curfew imposed by the military Government at that time, which restricted members from travelling back to Lagos in the late evenings, resulted in shifting the meeting location to Chief Sobo Sowemimo's residence at 3, Adams Street, Yaba, Lagos, where the meeting was hosted for 13 years. While the Lagos group was putting together Abeokuta Social Club, another group of professionals in Ibadan also had the same vision and mission.

Some of the foundation members of the Ibadan group were, Chief G.O. Osoba, Chief L.A. Sofenwa, Chief (Dr.) Lateef Adegbite, Alhaji N.O. Adebari, Late Chief E.O> Sobogun, Chief Amusan, Late Chief Sunday Edun, Engr. Saheed Sulu, Prof. Bayo Olumide, Prof. O. Ogunbode, Alhaji A.K. Orunsolu, Chief O. Sonola, Late Engr. Ayo Solotan, Chief Tunji Ogun, Chief Segun Soniregun, Chief A.O> Olojo and Alhaji Makinde.



The Lagos, Ibadan and Abeokuta groups later fused together in August 1972 by the enthusiasm and massive participation of all Egbas who participated in the coronation of the Alake of Egbaland, Oba Dr. Mofolorunso Oyebade Lipede. One could say, indeed therefore, that if the foundation of Abeokuta Club did not derive from the euphoria enthusiasm of that coronation, it certainly was assisted and popularised by that historic ascension to the throne. The urge to translate this new orientation into a progressive reality gave birth to ABEOKUTA CLUB.


The acquisition of the present site, was muted, organised and concluded through the tremendous combination of all members, especially the Ibadan group with particular contributions from Chief Lateef Adegbite. The master plan with all the detailed designs was put together by Arc. Tony Soetan. His Excellency, Former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo and Chief Sobo Sowemimo were saddled with the arrangement for the coronation of Oba Oyebade Lipede.

History will also not be complete if we do not highlight the leadership and adminstrative development of the Club. Below is the list of past Chairmen/Presidents and Honorary General Secretaries.

Chairman Name Period (Years)
1st Late Chief Sobo Sowemimo, SAN 1972 - 1985
2nd Chief Olatunde Abudu, OFR 1985 - 1988
3rd Deacon E. Folorunso Oke 1988 - 1992
4th Apostle S.A. Alamutu, MON 1992 - 1994
5th Chief L.A. Sofenwa, JP 1994 - 1997
6th Alhaji Fatai Lawal 1997 - 2000
7th President Chief A.A.Popoola, JP 2000 - 2004
8th Chief Kuforiji Rotimi 2004 - 2007
9th Chief E.V.O. Koleoso 2007 - Date


1. Deacon Folorunso Oke 1972 - 1986
2 Alhaji Fatai Lawal 1986 - 1988
3 Dr. T.A. Ogunmuyiwa 1988 - 1992
4 Prof. Afolabi Soyode 1992 - 1998
5 Chief Niyi Lasaki 1998 - Date

Abeokuta Club has contributed immensely to the development of Egabland in particular, and the nation, Nigeria in general. Thde establishment of the Joint Action Committee of Egab Clubs (J.A.C), the construction of the Olikoye Ransome-kuti Hospital and currently, the establishement of Egab Science Education Foundation are notable achievements. Abeokuta Club has also contributed to the development of Commerce, Industry, Religion, Social and upliftment of deprived individuals in the society.

The membership of the Club is decent, honourable and respectable in its entirety. The Alake of Egabland is the Grand Patron. Other Patrons of the Club are:

Kabiyesi, The Osile of Oke Ona Egba,
Kabiyesi The Agura of Gbagura,
Kabiyesi The Olowu of Owu Kingdom and
Kabiesi The Olubara of Ibara


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