Some of the Participating Artistes

Many people tend to underestimate the value of drum, the thing is just a habit.

Whereas it is a very sophisticated rhythm, it is a very sophisticated possession of human being.

We all live in the world of rhythm right from infancy, from birth, in fact from the heartbeat to the pulse…

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Fatau Keita – Ghana

Fatau Keita is a Ghanaian singer and songwriter. As an African pop musician, his exciting musical mix blends traditional Dagamba music like “Simpaa” with highlife and takes inspiration from his musical heroes – Selif Keita, Youssou N’Dour, Angelique Kidjo and Fela Kuti. Fatau Keita is an outstanding vocalist who creates a new sensation of Africa with his amazing musical expression blending tradition with modernity. His first CD album titled “Selina” was recorded in Ghana and digitally mastered in Germany.

Muri Ayangbola – Nigeria

Muri Ayangbola hails from Oyo State and he is known internationally for impeccable performance on drums. He is the lead/Master Drummer for the famous artiste, Lagbaja and has performed in several events nationally and internationally.

Anu, The Lady Ekwe – Nigeria

Anu, The Lady Ekwe, is an economist, a former beauty queen and a female Ekwe performer of repute. She has shown artistic perfection and a pure dexterity with the Ekwe, which in Eastern Nigeria is a male-dominated instrument. Anu in her expertise has made the Ekwe her forte and delivers on it perfectly with her velvety voice. Choreography and energetic performance. She is from the stable of Atunda Entertainment.