Roof Top

The rooftop section was established nearly a decade ago. It is almost the oldest of all the existing sections. It was initiated by a group of people with common interest and mostly Chief Executives in their respective establishments who come to the Club at the end of each week – Fridays, mostly to relax. Members are hosted at the lobby, outside the main Club Hall, with friends. It relocated to the front view side to accommodate the crowd that witnesses the weekly event. Business meetings of the sections also hold occasionally.

Tennis Section

Tennis Section offers members the benefit of playing Lawn Tennis at the Olatunde Abudu Tennis Court on Wednesdays after which it engages in social activities to have some level of relaxation. It had engaged, in recent past, in interclub competitions with other Clubs like the Abeokuta Sports Club. It organizes a Captains End of the year party annually. The section plans to arrange a competition in 2019 to celebrate the 90th birthday of its Grand Patron, Chief Olatunde Abudu, who is the Life President of Abeokuta Club

Thursday Group

The group meets every Thursday of the week in the evenings. It is basically for social outing. It meets in the premises of the Games Hall to socialize with members and non-members alike.

Games Hall

The development of the new hall encouraged the establishment of a section for members to play some in-door games like table tennis, daft, ayo and whot. Games members equally use the occasion to socialize with each other.

Apple Gardens

Members who shared the ideals of late Chief Lamidi Ayinla Sofenwa also initiated the establishment of a section. They also meet and socialize at the garden.